Dize Specialty Products

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Specialty Products

• Ground Services Equipment Covers

• Commercial, Industrial OEM

• Government and Military Covers and Bags

• Tennis Court Windscreens

• Gym Floor Covers

• Large & Small Specialty Product Protective Covers

• Containment Covers

• Bags, Pouches, Covers, Filters & More

• Custom Banners





Ground Services Equipment

Ground Services Equipment Covers:
• APU Covers
• Ballast Bags
• Baggage/Freight Cart Curtains and Covers
• Cater Truck Curtains
• Combat Bags
• Container Curtains
• Dock Seals
• Exhaust Covers
• Intake Covers
• Jack Covers
• Mail Cart Covers
• Protective Engine Covers
• Radome Tents
• Security Curtains
• Stairway Enclosures and Canopies


Stop by our updated showroom at 1512 S. Main Street in Winston-Salem, NC 27127 to see the large selection of styles and fabrics we offer. Call (336) 722-5181 today for more information.

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